Serverprotector Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What data is collected?
- Your server ID for storing your settings such as permission roles, log channel, etc
- If you enable ban syncing in your server, you agree to have all current and future server bans to be stored by the bot for other servers
- Any roles/channels you set as permission roles/log channels
- If you are banned from a server that uses ServerProtector, your user ID, reason for the ban, server ID and time of ban is stored
- If a user attaches a note to you, your user ID, the note maker's ID, the note message and a unique note ID is stored

Why this information is stored and how it is used?
- Your server ID is stored to allow you to set options like log channels, permission roles and other ServerProtector settings
- Role and channel IDs you set as log channels/permission roles are stored to allow the bot to use these for permissions and logging
- Bans are stored to allow other servers to identify troublesome members
- Notes allow a user/server to tag a user with a message without banning them from the server

Who can access this data?
- Ban information (date and time, user and reason) and notes are publicly accessible by anyone who uses the ServerProtector bot
- No information is sold/stored by any user/company other than Discord Inc. and sniff122 Development

If you have any questions reguarding your privacy and ServerProtector, feel free to join the support server at

How to remove your data
If you wish for your data to be removed from ServerProtector, join our support server at

Note: We reserve the right to update this privacy policy without notifying users

Last Updated: 25th May 2021